Why Consider Using Switching to PTFE Free or Cast Iron Cookware

I am still looking into this topic. But my intuition tells me that pots and pans with PTFE in them are just not what I want to cook in. I don't want to drink from plastic water bottles with BPA in them, and I don't want to eat from a Teflon pan that has PTFE's in it.

Actually I don't care about myself that much, I'm getting old. But I care about my family. Plus I have to set a good example.

Remember, what you don't know can hurt you. Best to be informed and choose the least risky thing for your family.

Luckily there are choices. Better safe than sorry, my mother used to say. Right now it looks like plain old cast iron is a safe choice and relatively easy to clean too. I like stainless steel - it's not nonstick, but why does everything have to be nonstick? I don't mind washing dishes.

Enamel coated looks like a good choice. 

I saw some green type pans at Best Buy, but the reviews were terrible.   Then I saw some Ecolife pans hanging at Walgreens, and they claim to be non PTFE. I'll look into them.

I found this article on at Practically Green (great name!) and it is a fun, informative review of Teflon nonstick cookware concerns and alternatives with some good reference links and a quote from the Environmental Working Group and Scientific American.
 "OMG. Thank you. This site is so helpful. I’ve been worried about my Teflon pans since my kids were born. I have been meaning to be the research for years. Thanks for saving me the trouble. I will definitely be switching out my pans for one of your healthier options"

I agree. Now I'm sure I don't want to cook in non stick pans coated with the T word.

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